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Those e-bugs, locked at 50 Kph max speed, could become one of the possible solutions for city core traffic.


I don't get it. It's easier to take a cab, cheaper to take public transportation, and more convenient to join a car sharing program when you want to leave the city. Why would anyone want to own a car in a major city? A lot of people who commute into a city want small fun cars, but it must go FAST, turn FAST and stop FAST if you want to survive amongst trucks and cabs.

Sanity Chk

I don't get it either. At 50kph, the POP is no more than comic book looking neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV). NEVs have been around for quite some time and I see no real market for them short of gated communities.

Harvey, I'm not sure where you found the 50Kph top speed but there might be a market for a commuter that could go 80-100kph. The Pokemon-esque styling of the POP is a little bizarre though.


It could be wise to restrict children upto 20 years to 50kph.

Car-sharing within a city or holiday resorts could also be a good market. it's forbidden to drive faster anyway.


I think it's a great idea for small-town areas, perhaps more so than for a city. For trips in the 30-50 km range on slower country roads it makes great sense for someone like me who would use it most of the time. As it is, during the rideable months I prefer to use my electric bike as much as possible. Every charge I think to myself: I just saved three bucks.


Who wants to drive faster than 50 kph in a downtown area?

Raise your hand and get a ticket before you start.

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