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Maruti Suzuki Introduces 5 New Factory-Fitted CNG Models Across Segments

Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest car maker, unveiled its CNG engine technology, “intelligent-Gas Port Injection” (i-GPI) on five popular models: SX4, Eeco, WagonR, Estilo and Alto. The CNG models span entry level cars, compact cars, sedans and MPV segments and are being launched in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Gujrat.

The i-GPI technology is a Dual ECU (Engine Control Unit) technology, which delivers accurate amounts of gas to the engine, ensuring improved and consistent performance under various driving conditions. The i-GPI technology uses separate injectors for each cylinder. Based on inputs from the ECU, metered CNG quantity is injected to the engine through gas ports. The quantity of CNG required for different driving conditions is controlled by the dedicated ECU, leading to more efficient fuel usage.

i-GPI ensures more power compared to retrofitted CNG vehicles and offers a peppier ride experience at par with that of a gasoline-fuelled engine, while achieving high fuel efficiency at the same time, the company says. Maruti Suzuki CNG vehicles pass through all the quality checks, processes and systems similar to a regular car manufactured at Maruti Suzuki plants.

As the CNG technology is factory fitted the customers will enjoy the full warranty benefits including extended warranty.

While working on the new CNG technology, Maruti Suzuki engineers focused on critical aspects of safety, reliability and performance.

The Government of India has committed to developing the infrastructure and network of the CNG stations across the country, in support of its goal to reduce the dependence on import of fossil fuels. With the discovery of large gas reserves in the country the network of CNG supplies is set to expand rapidly in near future.


Henry Gibson

Their market would be multiplied if a gasoline tank and gasoline injectors were also fitted. ..HG..

Roger Pham

What? Are you nut? NG can save on cost of fueling and reduce pollution as well as avoid petroleum importation. Biomethane can also be used, making the vehicle CO2 neutral as well.


We should do that in quebec canada too, it's full of natural gas here.


a.b.: Quebec, Canada has enough hydro and wind power potential for at least 2 or 3 BEVs per family + e-buses, e-trains, e-truck etc.

Currently, only about 50% of hydro potential is tapped and a mere 1 to 2% of potential wind power. Over 100,000 extra mega-watt could be installed. Hydro and Wind can coexist very well when Wind is used as base load and Hydro to kick in as required (peak loads)


Another natural ressource dealer in this site.

i said i want a natural gas car with a gasoline tank too... is that clear now. it's not electric, it's a gas and it's full of it here where i live. the nat ress dealer like you prefer trading costly inneficient state subsidized unnessary stuff like hydro-power and wind. LOL.

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