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THINK and Migros Team-up with Swiss Eco-Tourism Group to Offer EV Rentals in Alps

Scandinavian electric vehicle (EV) maker, THINK, and its Swiss distribution partner, M-Way, have teamed-up with Alpmobil to make available a fleet of 60 THINK City EVs available in the Goms and Haslital region of the Swiss Alps. The EVs will be available to rent for approximately $57 per day (60 Swiss francs) through 30 hotels, resorts and other points of interest in the area.

Alpmobil will be marketing the service and taking reservations through its website.

EV charging is made accessible around the region through more than 20 battery charging points that have been installed in the area, powered by renewable hydroelectric generated electricity derived from local mountain waters, reservoirs and dams.



It sounds as though they are not frightened of poor performance on the hills!


Davemart: Small (15 passengers) e-buses operate with great success in Quebec City tourist area, which is very hilly. They operate for 8 hours (110 to 140 Km) without extra e-charge. They are not as smooth nor as comfortable as large coach buses by nobody seems to mind for short 3 to 5 Km (free) rides. It is a positive (out of town) tourist attraction. It is a way to reduce walking up hill on hot summer days.


This is great, they can put charge stations where people stop to have lunch and take pictures. The air stays clean and no burning of fossil fuels. I hope it succeeds beyond their wildest dreams.

Henry Gibson

The ZEBRA battery, produced for years in the country, is used in some TH!NK vehicles and would be well suited for rental vehicles. MES-DEA arranged for the production of other electric vehicles, years ago, for use in the country and they should be rented as well. ..HG..

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