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Under hood applications for Zytel PLUS. Click to enlarge.

A new nylon family—DuPont Zytel PLUS—and new materials to enable laser welding techniques were the focus of two DuPont Automotive Performance Polymers talks presented recently at the SPE Automotive Engineering Plastics Conference (AutoEPCON) at the Michigan State University (MSU) Management Education Center in Troy, Mich.

The DuPont Zytel PLUS family was launched earlier this year. Zytel PLUS maintains its performance levels much longer than traditional nylons despite exposure to hot oil, hot air, calcium chloride and other aggressive automotive chemicals. Test data is available online at the Zytel PLUS website.

The drive to reduce cost and weight will introduce plastics in applications never before considered. Zytel PLUS nylon delivers exceptionally long-term performance despite exposure to heat and chemicals, inviting new ways to replace metal—especially under the hood—in transmissions and exhaust systems.

—Gianluigi Molteni, DuPont Automotive Performance Polymers global powertrain segment manager

The new family launched with four products primarily targeted at the automotive industry where the drive to take out weight and cost adds up to improved fuel economy and reduced carbon emissions. Additional products are planned for 2010.

Launch products included:

  • Zytel PLUS 95G35 nylon - Requisite, core product delivers exceptionally good long-term performance at very high temperatures (up to 210 °C or 230 °C for shorter periods) and provides great surface appearance, resistance to calcium chloride solutions.

  • Zytel PLUS 95G50 nylon - Exceptionally good long-term performance at very high temperatures (up to 210 °C or 230 °C for shorter periods) PLUS better stiffness, creep at high temperatures.

  • Zytel PLUS 93G35 nylon - Good long-term performance despite exposure to heat PLUS improved weld lines, good performance in burst tests.

  • Zytel PLUS 90G30 nylon - Exceptional resistance to hot engine coolant PLUS excellent properties in contact with water

Target automotive applications include: charge air coolers, exhaust mufflers, turbo air ducts, engine mounts, resonators, cylinder head covers, oil pans, EGR coolers, oil modules, thermostats, transmission components—such as front covers—and radiator end tanks where calcium chloride resistance is especially important due to road treatments.

Laser welding has found a niche in applications where components must be kept clean, are susceptible to thermal damage, require precision alignment or may be damaged by other traditional assembly methods.

More than that, laser welding invites new design ideas for plastic assemblies, most of which can simplify the molding process, integrate multiple components and ultimately drive out cost.

—Dan Jones, technical service representative, DuPont Automotive Performance Polymers


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