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AMP to Convert SUV to EV for Major OEM

EV conversion company AMP Holding Inc. has signed an agreement with a major OEM to electrify one of its SUVs. Under the terms of the agreement, AMP has received one current model SUV from an OEM and has already begun the engineering process.

AMP anticipates completing the electrification process and delivering the SUV back to the manufacturer for review in approximately 60 days. AMP’s drivetrain technology (earlier post) was designed from inception to be readily adaptable to currently marketed ICE-based (internal combustion engine) OEM vehicles with minimum engineering and capitalization costs. Because of its ability to bring an OEM to market with speed and efficiency, AMP expects to explore additional initiatives with other OEMs in the near future.

Time is not a luxury, it’s a race to the finish now—AMP possesses the scalability and nimbleness to get an OEM to mass production with an already existing model literally within months. We believe the development of this prototype is a huge vote of confidence for our technology. Our model is simple, applying our evolutionary technology by working with world-class automakers.

The AMP electric drive train is based on an entirely new and unique technology—we’re powering SUVs and crossovers that go faster and further than any current or upcoming peer offerings, even those based on modified light-weight sedans. Imagine, after replacing a standard ICE and transmission, getting an almost 4,000-pound SUV to go zero to 60 in eight seconds? It’s not a concept...we’ve already done it with the 2010 GM Equinox, and we’re going to be doing it again within the next few months with another mainstream SUV.

—Steve Burns, AMP’s CEO

AMP currently electrifies several GM models, including the 2010 GM Equinox. Pre-conversion, the Equinox has a curb weight of nearly 3,800 pounds. Using custom lithium-iron battery packs and two rear-mounted Remy electric motors, the AMP conversion produces 160 kilowatts of peak power. The AMP’d Equinox can achieve zero to 60 in less than eight seconds and reaches a top speed of 90 miles per hour. It can travel up to 150 miles on a single charge.



"two rear-mounted Remy electric motors"

This makes for an electric differential and some potentially good ABS and traction control. I wish them well in their OEM efforts.


Can't see that it gets better than this.
What are the controller parameters? specs?
Traction, slip diff, regen,?

Then one (pair) in front please.

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