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BorgWarner BERU Systems Equips 2010 smart fortwo With New High-Temperature Sensors

BorgWarner BERU Systems will supply two new high-temperature sensors for the 2010 0.8-liter diesel-powered smart fortwo coupe, launching later this year in 45 countries.

BorgWarner’s high-temperature sensors constantly provide actual exhaust temperatures to the engine control unit (ECU) to precisely control fuel enrichment for particulate filter regeneration. BorgWarner expects its high-temperature sensors to become standard equipment for several German premium automakers and commercial vehicle makers.

In the smart fortwo one sensor measures the extremely high temperatures ahead of the turbocharger (also produced by BorgWarner) while a second is positioned downstream in the exhaust gas after-treatment system. This helps maintain optimal turbocharger performance and enhances the effectiveness of the emissions system in general. By controlling these temperatures it is possible to optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions allowing the system to use just enough fuel to raise exhaust temperatures quickly for regeneration without consuming more fuel than needed.

BorgWarner BERU Systems specializes in a broad range of innovative sensors, including temperature sensors for applications in diesel particle filters, oxidation catalytic converters, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, NOx storage catalysts and turbochargers; movement sensors including speed sensors, distance and angle sensors; and smart sensors with intelligent electronics such as radiator identification sensors (RIS).


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