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Report: Japan To Offer Technical Aid On Lithium To Bolivia

The Nikkei reports that Japan will offer technical assistance to Bolivia to develop its lithium resources and ensure a stable supply of the metal. It is estimated, the Nikkei said, that supplies of lithium will become increasingly scarce in Japan, beginning about 2015, as more people begin driving electric cars.

Bolivia has the world’s largest lithium reserves. The Japanese government hopes to begin working with its Bolivian counterparts at a pilot plant being built near Salar de Uyuni, in the southwest of the country.

Officials from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will visit Bolivia early this week to make the aid proposal, which will include providing financial assistance and dispatching technical experts.



Bolivia needs someone to help them develop their reserves. There are plenty of reserves elsewhere and if Bolivia prices themselves out of the game, they will regret it.


Not if every car on the planet runs on lithium batteries!


No, but from what I've heard they could;


That is one conclusion, it will not work for all cars, so forget it. Another says that if some use this and some use that it adds up to less imported oil and less oil consumption in general.


Improved lithium batteries (and lithium) could have a very interesting future. Please to see that Bolivia may benefit. Let's hope that Bolivia will get a fair price for it.

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