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car2go Reaches 10,000 Registered Members in Austin

Daimler’s car2go mobility program has reached 10,000 registered members in its first North American city, Austin, Texas, after just more than four months since its public launch on 21 May 2010. (Earlier post.)

Since the start of the car2go operations, more than 80,000 rentals have been completed throughout the greater downtown Austin area with average usage between 30 and 60 minutes per rental. The customers range in age from college students to retirees, with about 50% between 18 and 35 years old.

Individual customers use car2go for a wide variety of different purposes: from trips to work and shopping to weekend excursions. Business customers include the City of Austin, LIVESTRONG, downtown real estate firm urbanspace, GSD&M and the State of Texas. The benefits of car2go, such as on-demand rentals and one-way trips, have proven to be significant factors contributing to the success of the program.



They have a station at the airport. This probably makes car2go a viable alternative to renting a car when visiting the town.

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