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CODA to Launch CODA EV in Hawai’i in 2011

CODA Automotive intends to distribute the battery-electric CODA Sedan to consumer and fleet customers in Hawai’i in the third quarter of 2011.

CODA plans to begin limited deliveries at the end of 2010. The CODA Sedan is a four-door, five-passenger car, powered by an all-electric drive system, including a CODA-designed 33.8 kWh Lithium-ion battery system. CODA’s proprietary battery management and thermal management systems keep the battery within a specified temperature range which enhances safety and durability, and allows for a consistent and dependable range of up to 120 miles (193 km) across all US weather conditions, the company says.

CODA Automotive’s all-electric vehicle is another important addition to Hawai’i’s efforts to transition to a clean energy economy. The State of Hawai’i recognizes new electric vehicle technology and the electrification of the transportation sector will play a critical role in helping Hawai’i reduce its dependency on the use of fossil fuels and achieving our 70 percent clean energy goal by 2030.

—Governor Linda Lingle

Under the Hawai’i Clean Energy Initiative launched by Governor Lingle and the US Department of Energy in 2008, Hawai’i’s vision is to have clean energy account for 70% of its total energy needs by 2030.



Good news for Hawaii. Hope that they keep up with their clean energy production program.

Henry Gibson

Do they take into account the CO2 breathed out by live things, plants and non plants including humans. Which English king decreed "clean energy" or was it only that the tide not come in.

"Clean" should become a curse word as the use of "clean" corn ethanol in the US instead of coal derived ethanol or methanol caused much hunger in other countries and some in the US. How many Mexican Children went to sleep hungry because of the high corn prices caused by the use of ethanol in fuel for inefficient cars at 80 miles per hour instead of the more efficient 55 miles per hour. They did not go to bed as they could afford none; they only went to sleep because sleep is compulsory, especially combined with hunger. ..HG..


Are you in some competition with Goracle who can compress the most gibberish in the least amount of space?


Methanol can be made from biomass and one would assume that Hawaii has lot of that. It would beat charging cars from power plants burning oil shipped from the mainland.

There was a story about how Hawaii ships their trash to the mainland. With plasma gasification, they can make synthetic fuels from the trash. With all the tourists, I would imagine that they have a LOT of that as well.


Hey, Henry, how many times did your head spin around on your neck while typing that nonsense?
***Booga-Booga-Booga, Ominous-Dominous***
There, I've cleansed you. Now go crawl back under your bed, you whack job.

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