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New EV20 Alliance Targeting 1M Additional Electric Vehicles on Road by 2015

A new global alliance comprising businesses and government leaders and led by the international NGO, The Climate Group, set an ambitious target to put one million additional EVs on the road by 2015, on top of EVs that automakers are already planning to bring to market.

Businesses joining the EV20 alliance included global fleet owner TNT, auto manufacturers PSA Peugeot Citroën and Smith Electric Vehicles, battery manufacturer Johnson Controls, Better Place and Deutsche Bank. The state governments of Basque Country, New York State, Quebec, South Australia and Victoria also joined the group.

Chaired by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, the alliance was formally announced at the Opening Ceremony of Climate Week NYC.

EV20 members agreed to work together over the next three years to pursue targets that they believe will change the game on the EV market. The business and government partners aim to achieve this through brokering international fleet procurement alliances, developing national, state and municipal policy frameworks, and financing solutions.

The Climate Group’s EV20 meeting in New York City is the latest in a series of meetings to build an international coalition of the willing to rapidly advance the commercial deployment of EVs around the world. There will be further meetings at the UN climate talks in Cancun (Mexico) later this year. The alliance is made possible with support from Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Dutch Postcode Lottery and the HSBC Climate Partnership.

The Climate Group had announced that it would establish an EV20 Working Group at its Climate Leaders’ Summit in Copenhagen in December 2009 ahead of a formal launch in 2010. The EV20 initiative will focus on sharing best practice in policy and in finance, and EV fleet procurement.



This is indeed an ambitious goal. But one that may be achievable provided they position their campaign to appeal to a broad spectrum of business and political leaders.

First, they need to amend their statement to include new HEVs - since the likelihood of 1M BEVs coming online in 4 years is doubtful. But not impossible if delivery vehicles (Smith) are a major component.

Second, it's important at this juncture to unravel the association with climate - since polls worldwide demonstrate that campaign to have fallen short. A simple rewording and mindset improvement will do this. e.g. Reposition from fighting climate to increasing sustainability.

This change in positioning will meet resistance but will ACCOMPLISH volumes. Moving the message from climate to sustainability retains the environmental direction and benefits without tripping the political quagmire that is climate change.

By working toward greater "sustainability" through energy management this Alliance can expect to garner the support of many more business leaders able to make fleet purchase decisions. It is those fleet purchase decisions that will allow the Alliance to be successful.

The Alliance and Prince Albert are to be commended for joining forces with the EV revolution now in full swing. But it is also important to join climate-shy business leaders who choose to stay out of the climate controversy. Sustainability, aka energy independence bridges the climate chasm.

A simple re-alignment of the Alliance campaign to use less controversial nomenclature - will speed them to their laudable goal. We wish them the best of luck!


"best practice in policy and in finance"

One of the few times I have heard finance mentioned. If money keep flowing into hedge funds, government treasury bonds and sub prime, there will be nothing left to finance what we need.

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