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Cyclone Power Technologies has received a purchase order from its licensee Phoenix Power Group (PPG) for two waste oil power generators. (Earlier post.) The new Phoenix 10kW waste oil generator will be powered by Cyclone’s WHE-25 engine—a compact, scalable waste heat engine—using a specially designed, clean emissions combustion chamber.

The Phoenix 10, which is expected to be in limited commercial production in early 2011, will allow thousands of oil change and drop-off locations to recycle their waste motor oil in an environmentally-friendly and profitable manner by producing grid-tied electricity. The renewable power systems are scheduled to be delivered by the end of the year for field testing with PPG’s nationwide distributor, Clean Burn.

Overwhelming market demand has led us to focus on launching a smaller genset that matches the waste oil disposal requirements of the vast majority of garages and lube shops throughout the United States. We still intend on launching a larger 40kW system later in 2011, as previously announced.

—Thomas V. Thillen, President of PPG

Waste motor oil is a major source of contamination of waterways that can result in the toxic pollution of drinking water. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, waste oil from one oil change can contaminate 1 million gallons of fresh water.


Nick Lyons

I love that Cyclone Power is reviving the Rankine cycle, especially for waste heat applications, but surely some kind of compression-ignition genset would offer a much more efficient way to burn waste oil.

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