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BASF And Solix Biofuels Collaborate To Produce Specialty Chemicals From Algae

BASF SE and Solix Biofuels, Inc. signed an agreement to investigate the use of algae to produce certain chemicals for BASF. Solix is a developer of algae cultivation technology systems and will test multiple algae species in its proprietary growth system, AGS, for BASF. Further terms were not announced.

BASF is continuously exploring innovative technologies to provide products to its customers; algae could potentially provide an attractive way to produce certain chemicals from a renewable source, the company said.

Algae represent a fascinating addition to BASF’s technology portfolio as they offer the potential to produce a number of exciting specialty products. After surveying the algae industry, we chose to work with Solix based on its knowledge of algal biology and the strength of its AGS.

—Harald Lauke, President of the Specialty Chemicals Research at BASF

Solix’ AGS Technology extracts oil from microalgae using a process that is continuous, producing a high-quality biocrude. The biocrude is further refined into biodiesel, green diesel, biojet and other co-products. At the center of the AGS Technology is Solix Biofuels’ proprietary photobioreactors that have demonstrated volumetric productivities ten times greater than open pond systems, according to the company.



Great! A process to develop commercial chemicals from algae would increase funding for R&D. This is a good development for fuel products derived from algae. BASF is a strong partner for Colix and we wish them the best of luck going forward.

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