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Volvo 1.6L Diesel S40 and V50 Break the 100 g/km Threshold

The Volvo S40 or V50 are now available in models with CO2 emissions as low as 99 g/km, corresponding to fuel consumption of 3.8 L/100 km (62 mpg US). The Volvo C30 was already previously available in a 99 gram variant.

The Volvo C30, S40 and V50 DRIVe are the first three models with the upgraded 1.6-liter diesel engine to meet the Euro 5 exhaust emission regulations being implemented in January 2011. The further-developed engine combined with a six-speed manual gearbox and start/stop function have made it possible for Volvo’s engine experts to cut CO2 emissions from 104 g/km to 99 g/km.

Volvo attaches the DRIVe badge to those models that deliver the best environmental performance in their respective size classes. In addition to the Volvo C30, S40 and V50 there are currently another two models with CO2 emissions below 120 g/km: the Volvo V70 (119 g) and Volvo S80 (119 g). In early 2011, these will be joined by the Volvo S60 (under 115 g) and Volvo V60 (under 119 g).



In the not too distant future, 100 g/Km may be the top limit allowed for 5/6 passengers vehicles. It is doable.


Regulate this mandate that and we'll all be riding bicycles.

At 62 Mpg who needs hybrids with unaffordable batteries..


It just shows what can happen when car companies start competing on CO2 levels.

5 years ago noone would have believed that you could get a car the size of a V50 below 100 gms without hybridisation, and yet, here we are.

While this is probably driven by tax rates, it shows what a powerful force on the car companies can achieve.

I am sure the engineers are having a ball - it is much more useful adding economy, than increasing the max speed from 125 to 130 mph where there is a speed limit of 75 mph.

As many people point out, the ICE is so inefficient currently, there are loads of ways of improving it (for economy) once you start.

So well done Volvo (and well done Mercedes with their new S class figures).

An interesting question will be what fuel consumption do people achieve with theses cars in real world conditions - always a challenge.


"speed limit of 75 mph." not in Texas we have 80mph in places West Texas, and our larger open counties and the "common law" is 10 over is ignored and 15 over if you have a police union supporter sticker.

The class 8 rigs run 75+ here too, getting on the road with a small car is just foolish, most people drive large pickup trucks or SUV's or full size luxury cars Lexus and BMW are the most popular. Every day we see small cars smashed if you can afford the safety of a large vehicle you drive it. My life is so worth losing 3-4 mpg or even 10 mpg to drive a large safe truck. I make enough that fuel is such a small part of my disposable income as to be negligible in comparison to my personal safety.

If the Govt mandates smaller cars we will just buy commercial vehicles to drive and pay the licensing fees. I already right off my truck as its a class 3 vehicle I use for work. This is the reality of the USA those with money and power will never be forced to risk our lives at the whim of the proletariat.

You can bet your life that the limousine politicians will not be driving in ecodeath traps oh no they will be in full sized Suburbans or limos while the rest of the unwashed masses are road kill. No thank you get out of your private jets and armored limos before you tell me the small biz owner to worry about my grams per mile. Lead by actions first then we the people will follow. November is almost here and the sleeping giant is now awake.


I was unaware that Volvo made "ecodeath traps". Last I checked, they made tanks. Now they happen to make fuel efficient tanks.

Plenty of large trucks in the east as well. I drive a Jetta and I am regularly on the PA Turnpike at speeds exceeding 80mph, regardless of the speed limit. Sure it wouldn't hold up too well in a one on one with a big truck, but let's face it, neither would a BMW. Your best bet is to avoid crashing into one. So far, I've managed to do this every time I get on the road. This is made easier by driving a small, maneuverable vehicle.

In my experience, TX, people like you like to come up with nonsensical reasons for justifying behavior that you would do anyway.


@ TXGeologist,

Wonder why you Texans don't have you own party or some regional party to represent interest of the southern US states, like for example Partie Quebecois in Canada, Northern League in Italy?
It would be good for democracy. Currently there are only two parties in the US (for as long as I can remember), or one party per 150 million people. Only in China that ratio is higher.
Is it that Texans don't want their voice to be heard, or are they afraid, or lazy or what is the reason?


A large number of us Texans 35% at the last poll want to leave the union and go our own way, we have the economy, food production, natural resources, and are net out payers of federal taxes to mean for every dollar the feds take from us we only get about 60 cents back. Our budget would be balanced the instant we didn’t have to sent funds to DC. 250000 of us have pleaded to fight for independence if the natural born citizens vote for it imports need not apply, we have over 10 million armed citizens down here and close to 20 million firearms in our borders. A significant number of us are military veterans who have seen combat on one or two continents, and a disproportional number of our current military are Texans too they wont fight against us you can take that to the bank.

As for behavior no one addressed the issue of the limoseen libs flying in private jets, being carted around in armored SUV and limos spewing CO2 at will all the while telling the hard working people of this country to limit our lifestyles and we have to drive vehicles that emit only X amount of CO2 which means smaller less safe vehicles while they themselves will not walk the walk the proper word is hypocrites, We Texans say you first lead by example and then you can mandate to us.

The Giant is awake bank on it in the coming months if not then there a real possibility of armed conflict in this nation and our founding fathers knew these days would come and how a well armed population can and will change a govt that is ignoring the will of the vast majority of its citizens. THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED this is a right given by God no man can take it without risking bloodshed.

This country has been ~40% conservative, ~30 moderate and ~20 left or progressive ~10% undecided over the last 40 years this is easily verified by a number of polls. This last cycle proved that people were pissed at GWB and punished the right, but by no means is this country a progressive nation, the left took this cycle it as a mandate oh were they so wrong when in reality the right sat out and the middle and undecided’s were pissed at GWB. Now the giant is awake we are a center right country of freemen have been for 200+ years people trying to change that better hope they don’t stop listening to the people of the consent will be removed, by force if necessary. Our Army and Marines would not stand a chance against 200 million plus civilian arms, the writing is already on the wall since last nov more arms have been sold in the USA to private citizens than are currently carried in all the armies in the world and more ammunition has been bought in that period than in the previous decade. Ammo factories are running 24-7 to keep up with demand the people are arming themselves as our founders told us to do in case we need to remove our consent. Down here we have a saying keep your powder dry and your mind clear.


Speaking of economy Texas added more private sector jobs this fiscal year than all the other 48 states combined. Why because were business friendly capitalists who are freemen and other freemen come here to prosper and excel, were on par to have an 8 billion dollar surplus this year in our budget thanks to Perry.

Even in this O-economy, even with the Gulf disaster and the drilling ban. Texans are working hard and prospering this is in our blood we are doers not leeches. Those of us who have had families here since before this was even Texas as in 1800’s when Tejas was still part of New Spain have carved a shining example of what free people can do from some of the harshest environments known to man. It is our birthright to be freemen Texas was found on the blood and tears of freemen and will be saved by the blood and tears of yet another group of freemen.

We don’t take kindly to people thousands of miles away stealing hard earned assets and capital in the name of social justice or what ever term they are using to justify redistribution of capital. It will and must be stopped or the economy as it has will continue to be trashed. Investors 75% of them BTW believe correctly that O is anti-business, and seeks to redistribute their assets so they are not investing and holding the assets out of reach of those who would take them. This is having a hugely downward effect on production and job creation. Texas being the last best hope in the USA for capitalism, and the most likely to succeed when the eventual balkanization comes. The term is irreconcilable differences its time for the divorce.

This is one of the prime reason Texans want out we don’t need the USA not fiscally, not militarily, not culturally. This constitution states the feds are to protect us militarily and negotiate international trade well Texans can do both just fine without DC.


Texans have more producers than takers, one political think tank did the math that if Texas went on our own with a 21% Republic of Texas flat tax we could not only have a balance budget, provide every Texan over 65 with the current monthly equivalent of SS and have emergency healthcare all Texans. Why does our budget balance because we have welfare reform you cannot come to Texas and spend a life time freeloading on the backs of hard working Texans. We graciously give you 2 years to get retrained, reskilled, or relocated but in the end you have to GET BACK TO WORK.


You can always tell a Texan, you just can't tell them much.


TX, a few thoughts:

1. I, for one, will certainly not be picking up arms to keep Texas from leaving the union. If you want to go, just go. In fact, please do.

2. Based on your inability to use proper punctuation, I can only assume that Texas public education is not as good as you all seem to think it is, in which case you may want to reconsider leaving the union. After all, it is clear that you need the feds, or somebody, to come in and teach you all proper grammar. Proper spelling wouldn't hurt, either. Do you really believe "limoseen" is the proper spelling for a stretched sedan?

3. You make it sound like all liberals drive, or are driven around in, large, black sedans (sorry, you're going to have to look up the proper spelling. I suggest you use a dictionary not published according to Texas rules). I drive a Jetta, a pretty modest car. And I'm pretty sure there are plenty of Republicans, even ones in Texas, who have limos. If you really buy the bull that the Republicans are looking out for the little guy, you get what you deserve. But please, leave the union, finally, so the rest of us don't get it too.


From what I have heard, the whole state of Texas is brain washed, if they actually have brains in the first place. They are told it is the best place in the world and they are lucky to be there.

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