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Volvo Car Corporation Confirms Introduction of PHEV Diesel in 2012; C30 BEV Production in 2011

Volvo Cars confirmed that it will introduce a series-produced plug-in hybrid diesel as early as 2012. Volvo had first suggested the 2012 date for a diesel PHEV in September 2009. (Earlier post.)

Based on the NEDC cycle, CO2 emissions from Volvo’s plug-in hybrid will average out at 49 grams per kilometer, with fuel consumption of 1.9 liters per 100 km (124 mpg US), according to Volvo.

The diesel engine—optimized to run on renewable synthetic diesel and complying with future exhaust emission requirements—can be run separately or in combination with the electric motor for optimal power and energy utilization.

In January 2007, Volvo Cars and energy supplier Vattenfall launched a joint project with the aim of testing and developing plug-in technology. A new company was founded, V2 Plug-in-Hybrid Vehicle Partnership, as a result of this cross-border initiative. (Earlier post.)

In a press conference at Paris Motor Show, Stefan Jacoby, President and CEO of Volvo Cars stated that the future for Volvo lies in electric cars. During the press conference in the Volvo stand, Jacoby emphasized the importance of electrification. Volvo’s BEV, the C30 DRIVe Electric (earlier post), will go into production in early 2011 and run in test fleets in Europe, China and the US.


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