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12th Five-Year Plan for China’s auto industry to make new-energy vehicles priority

People’s Daily. The 12th Five-year Plan for China’s auto industry reportedly will make developing new-energy vehicles the top priority. China is targeting annual new-energy automobile sales of 1 million units by 2015, according to the China Association for Automobile Manufacturers.

Under the plan, China will update the new-energy vehicle sector by focusing on integrating the two major technologies of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. The first draft of the 12th Five-year Plan for China's automobile industry has already been formulated and the formal plan is scheduled to be released at the end of 2010.

According to the recently-issued “State Council’s Decision to Accelerate the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries,” the total added-value of know-how-intensive, resource-efficient strategic emerging industries should account for 8 percent of China’s GDP. The new-energy automobile industry and other new strategic industries will play a leading role in the country’s economy in 10 years.



A hand to China for realizing the merit of electrified vehicles and doing something about it.


It's like even Commies recognize an appropriate transportation spectrum - from e-bikes to EV's to high speed rail - rather than SUVs and buses.


Chinese are not stupid.

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