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Toyota Tsusho Establishing Global Integrated Supply Chain for bio-PET

Toyota Tsusho Corporation is establishing the first global bio-PET (bio-derived polyethylene terephthalate) integrated supply chain including the procurement of bio-ethanol, production of bio-mono ethylene glycol, tolling business of PET, and marketing of bio-PET. Toyota Motor Company recently announced it will use bio-PET to make vehicle liner material and other interior surfaces. (Earlier post.)

Toyota Tsusho’s bio-PET business. Click to enlarge.

Toyota Tsusho signed a joint venture agreement with China Man-made Fiber Corp. (CMFC) to establish Greencol Taiwan Corp. (GTC). GTC will produce and sell bio-mono ethylene glycol (bio MEG), and will be established in October 2010 and start the commercial operation from the end of 2011. GTC will use bio-ethanol made by sugar cane as feed stock. This ethanol will be secured by Toyota Tsusho from Brazil.

Toyota Tsusho will handle all bio MEG from GTC and supply bio MEG to PET manufacture and off take bio-PET from them as tolling basis, and will sell this bio-PET to end users in Japan, Europe and the United States.



Could cellulosic ethanol from non-food feed stocks be used when it becomes available?

One could assume that most clothing materials could eventually be manufactured the same way.


Keep replacing oil with renew-ables Toyota.

IPO hopeful GM, try proxying Chevron into suing Toyota out of their RAV4 EVs and Panasonic out of their EV-95 NiMH batteries or other products for another bankruptcy.

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