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Passat BlueMotion Sets Guinness Record for Production Passenger Car Distance on a Single Tank: 1,531 Miles @ 75 MPG US

A Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion driven by journalist Gavin Conway writing for The Sunday Times has set a new Guinness World Record for the distance travelled by a production passenger car on a single tank of fuel.

The Passat BlueMotion travelled a distance of 1,531 miles (2,464 km), the equivalent of driving from London to Malaga, without needing to refuel or travelling from Los Angeles to New York with a single stop for fuel.

Powered by a Volkswagen 1.6-liter common rail TDI engine developing 105 PS (104 hp, 77 kW), the Passat BlueMotion used for the record attempt was a standard production model. In common with the Polo and Golf BlueMotion models, the Passat is fitted with aerodynamic modifications to the bodywork, a lower ride height, Stop-Start, programmed battery charging, longer gearing and low rolling resistance tires. The result is a vehicle that is completely conventional to drive, service and maintain yet among the most efficient vehicles on the road today.

The record-breaking was monitored throughout by independent representatives on behalf of the Guinness World Records organization. The amount of fuel used was accurately measured at 77.25 liters (20.4 gallons US) resulting in an overall fuel consumption of 75 mpg US (3.1 L/100km).



The new Passat launched at the Paris Motor Show a couple of days ago should be slightly better.


Congratulations VW!


I had to let this sink in.

In other words, someone living in Nebraska could fill up and drive to either LA or NY with gas left.


Oops, with diesel left.


The first car that will have to be repaired more often than refueled!.. just amazing.


The VW press release says nothing of whether this was on a track or actual open roads, nor does it mention the average speed.
If you drive a car at a constant economical speed, higher than EPA/euro numbers are always acheivable. So the question is: what average speed?.


It was probably full optimized. If you can run 40 mph on a track protected from wind on a flat location, a lot of cars will get better mileage. Not many cars have a 20 gallon tank, but at any rate this shows what can be done.


It was a loop of France (starting in England), run on motorways mostly, but not entirely.
It looks like they did 50mph where possible.
The car was unmodified.
They took about 36 hours, with quite a few stops.
They slept during the day and drove all one night (presumably so they could go slower without getting killed.)
They had to keep stopping to get people to sign statements to say they had passed various points (to satisfy the Guinness book of records people).
The article is in yesterday's Sunday Times. (which you have to pay to see).
So apart from driving at 43-50mph (!), they did fairly normal driving.


This is not surprising, given this is the Bluemotion model but it shoes how far you can push efficiency by driving carefully.

I have an old 1997 Audi A6 2.5TDi that can get up to 51 mpUSg (60mpUKg) on a good run at motorway speeds (i.e. 70mph). The sixth gear really does help by keeping revs down.


My son has a very similar car and he rarely does more than 850 Km per tank full. He may drive a few kph above the speed limits but not above 130 kph.

Coke Machine

Our 2005 Passat TDI gets 40+ mpg at 80mph on I-75 between Manatee County Fl, and Gainesville, Fl on the way to Gator home games. It is a truely awesome vehicle. My next vehicle will be a VW desel. As far as repairs go, we've gone to 100,000 miles with no major repairs. we do however keep up with most recommended preventative reapirs. Truely an awesome car.


On paper, the BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics Edition (109 g/km CO2) should be slightly better than this version of the Passat (114 g/km CO2). The new Passat (109 g/km) is exactly at the same level as the 320d EDE. Not many other car of this size is close to these two contenders. I usually get on average ~50 mpg in my 3-year old 320d Touring, which is slightly better than the official numbers for this model (4.9 l/100 km). The best I have ever seen on one tank of fuel is 4.2 l/100 km. Good, by not even near the figures in the record run. To get to those levels, one would have to do some very careful driving. However, this record might be broken soon...


A competition (at normal speed - on regular roads) between the VW diesel and Prius III gave 1120 Km and 1152 Km respectively last fall with the same fuel volume (50 liter) consumption. Considering that diesel fuel has about 9% more energy per volume, the Prius III did even much better with equivalent energy consumption.

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