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Coulomb and Aker Wade Announce Availability and Sale of First Networked DC Fast Charging Station

Coulomb Technologies and Aker Wade Power Technologies announced the availability of their Networked DC Fast Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles (EVs). The ChargePoint CT3000 family of Networked DC Fast Charging Stations are capable of charging the battery of electric vehicles in half an hour and are designed in accordance with the CHAdeMO standard (earlier post).

Networked DC Fast Charging Station. Click to enlarge.

Automotive supplier Magna ECAR Systems is the first customer to purchase the DC Fast Charger for use at its Rochester Hills, Michigan technical center; the charger will be made available to Magna’s visitors. The DC Fast Charging Station is on display for demonstration at the Business of Plugging In Conference, 12 – 14 October at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center.

For drivers, the charging stations offer innovative features including an intuitive touch-screen interface, consumer-friendly cable storage and access to the ChargePoint Network. For station owners, the DC Fast Charger accommodates two connectors, ensuring uninterrupted business in the event of a transition away from today’s connector standard.

The charging stations convert AC 480 Volt, three-phase electric service to the DC CHAdeMO standard. The station will be qualified for use with several electric vehicle brands including the Nissan LEAF and the Mitsubishi i MiEV. The Networked DC Fast Charge Station is distributed, marketed and supported by both companies.

The CT3000 is now available to order through Aker Wade and Coulomb distribution. Pricing is available upon request based on custom options and specifications. Deliveries begin in Q1, 2011.


The Goracle


More EVIL corporate GREED. All about PROFITS! Yada, yada, yada...

DC Fast Charging Stations are capable of charging the battery of electric vehicles in half an hour...

I will certainly enjoy waiting 90 minutes for the three people ahead of me to charge their cars, then take another 30 minutes charging mine. What else would I want to do every time I drive 30 miles?

Thirty minute drive, two hours to charge... Thirty minute drive, two hours to charge... Thirty minute drive, two hours to charge... Repeat ad infinitum.



As in light or investments or even apparrel - there is a spectrum. No one bases their entire retirement on one stock nor does everyone wear only blue, but
but all options should be available. Truck drivers may not flock to electric vehicles, but students or seniors may.

Just a significant OPTION to oil will force oil prices toward stabilizing.

The EV could be the second car that becomes the first car as better batteries are switched in - there's little else to mechanically wear out.

How often are electric ovens replaced?

Who knows? There may be car buyers that see their $50 gas fillups going to terrorists or billion dollar oil executive salaries or trillion dollar
oil wars in their sleep and "just say 'NO'."


I knew we had to say "NO" before noon on a certain sunny day 9 years ago.


Of course if you drive an ER-EV - you NEVER have to wait to recharge. These fast DC chargers will not speed up the rate for the Volt since it has been fixed at 3.3kW regardless of available current. This will change with later revisions.

Drove the Volt here in the NW on Sunday and had a remarkable experience. It is a SOLID, well-built car which is a ton of fun to drive. My drive was entirely in CS mode and the ICE cycled on and off just like in a Prius. Except the Volt is totally silent and only the dash display clued us to when the ICE was running or we were on pure Battery power.

Fast charging will become a perq for people at malls and restaurants and short term shoppers.


"On October 16, 1973, OPEC announced a decision to raise the posted price of oil by 70%.. The price of oil quadrupled by 1974 to nearly US$12 per barrel (75 US$/m3).[15]"

Decades of sunny days to say "NO"..

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