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AC Propulsion and Peraves Intend to Develop X-Prize Winner E-Tracer for US Market; 100 Units Targeted for 2011

AC Propulsion has signed a Letter of Intent with Peraves AG to bring the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE-winning E-Tracer (earlier post) to market in the US. Peraves, whose E-Tracer is powered by AC Propulsion’s electric drive system, becomes the first X PRIZE winner to announce production.

The E-Tracer. Click to enlarge.

AC Propulsion and Peraves plan to bring 100 units to market starting in 2011. The E-Tracer will be assembled at AC Propulsion in San Dimas, California. 21st Century Motoring will serve as Peraves’ North American agency and as a key player in the sales and marketing of the E-Tracer.

We are proud to announce that we have recently signed a Letter of Intent to supply the propulsion systems to Peraves and assist in bringing the E-Tracer to market. The E-Tracer is the perfect expression of performance with efficiency. The E-Tracer a niche vehicle, but it sets a benchmark for what can be done with electric propulsion, and that will help inform the larger EV market as it develops. That was the purpose of the Progressive X-Prize and, acting on that, it is our intention to have E-Tracers on the road in 2011.

—Tom Gage, AC Propulsion CEO

Details of the collaboration are still in discussion. AC Propulsion and Peraves made the announcement on the eve of AltCar Expo 2010.

The E-Tracer two-seat vehicle has two extra outrigger wheels that deploy at low speed to stabilize the vehicle. At 1,436 pounds (651 kg), the E-Tracer is able to deliver more than 100 miles in range, and led the X PRIZE competition with 205.3 MPGe in combined on-track and laboratory fuel efficiency and achieved a zero-to-60 mph acceleration time of 6.6 seconds.



I don't get it. If you are riding a motorcycle, you might as well enjoy the bugs in your teeth. Why have a cover if you can't ride in the rain? You are still dead if the pavement gets slippery. I would buy the Carver concept with two wheels in back, but this one doesn't make sense.


So, for California High Occupancy Vehicle lanes, is it a motorcycle (which can use the lane with only a driver) or a car because of the outrigger training wheels? Actually, it's electric, so probably the wheels are moot.

I wonder if this is safer than a motorcycle because of the canopy, or less safe, because you can't lean as readily, and 1,400 pounds on 2 wheels might mean more chance of losing traction on turns or inclement conditions.

Either way, 100 units sounds like they're going after performance motorcycle high end market.


What's not to get? Over 200 MPGe. Over 200 miles of range at 75 mph. Blistering quick 0-60. Less important, but interesting nonetheless, is it's (if ungoverned) top speed of 200+ mph. You could set land speed records with this at Bonneville for cryin' out loud.

Hopefully the assembly in America will help bring the price down.


This could sell to people that like motorcycles but want some safety too. It performs well and gets great mileage, if the price is right who knows? Motorcycles have gone from under $3000 new 25 years ago to over $10,000 today.

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