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Kia Motors has introduced its new fuel-efficient, ethanol-gasoline powered Soul Flex at the 26th Salao Internacional do Automovel, in São Paulo, Brazil. Kia’s Soul Flex is the first Korean FFV (Flexible Fuel Vehicle) which can run on an ethanol-gasoline mixture, 100% ethanol or 100% gasoline. It is especially designed for the Brazilian market, where flex models account for more than 85% of the new car sales.

The newly-introduced Soul Flex delivers a 44% improvement in fuel efficiency compared with the existing gasoline model and superior power (128 ps, 126 hp, 94 kW) and torque (16.5 kg-m, 162 N·m, 119 lb-ft) outputs, which are improved by 3.2% and 3.7% respectively from the original model.

Differences from the gasoline model enabling the enhanced fuel economy include the newly adapted fuel injection and catalyst system as well as engine compression ratio. Kia reinforced the fuel pump, pillar cap and fuel line to accommodate ethanol fuel, and fitted a gasoline tank assistance system in order to aid engine ignition at low temperatures.

Kia Motors will begin exporting Soul Flex to Brazil this month, with the new models going on sale at Kia dealerships early next year. Kia is planning to introduce an all-new Sportage Flex model at the end of next year, and Kia will further strengthen its presence in Brazilian market as new flex models are to be introduced in each market segment.

Brazil has been one of Kia’s best performing markets in 2010, with sales increasing by 151% year-on-year, reaching 40,865 units up to the end of September.



A 44% improvement in fuel efficiency? That is amazing. Are they hybrids?
If not, how did Kia manage to do that?


I'm quite sure this "44% improvement" is just a "typo", an error. Viral marketing. Got repeated everywhere. OMG, it's already in wikipedia!

Nice to see Hyundai/Kia joining the rest of the market with the flex offerings.

I've read in a local posting they will be using Bosch technology which is already widely deployed (VW, GM,...) and works very well.

It shouldn't be difficult in the US to do the same either, even considering more tight emission regulations.

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