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Ford planning incremental $850M in Michigan between 2011 and 2013

Ford Motor Company plans to invest an additional $850 million in Michigan between 2011 and 2013 as part of the company’s commitment to competitively grow its engineering and manufacturing employee base, upgrade its facilities in the state and further improve its vehicle fuel economy.

Ford’s investment will generate up to 1,200 new full-time positions in manufacturing and engineering operations in Michigan by 2013. The company expects approximately 900 jobs will be hourly positions in its Michigan manufacturing facilities and the remaining 300 will be salaried positions within its engineering and manufacturing operations.

Ford is making the Michigan investment commitment after working with officials on a new Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) package that replaces several existing state incentives and makes Michigan a more competitive place to invest in new fuel-saving technologies and facilities. The Michigan Economic Development Council considers the package this week.

Once approved, Ford will allocate its $850 million investment across a variety of plants including Van Dyke Transmission, Sterling Axle, Livonia Transmission and Dearborn Truck Plant.

A significant portion of the company’s additional investment will benefit engineering and production of Ford’s new six-speed transmissions, which are planned for many future Ford vehicles and built at the Livonia Transmission Plant and Van Dyke Transmission Plant. By 2013, 100% of Ford vehicles will incorporate a six-speed transmission as part of the company’s commitment to leadership in fuel economy performance in all vehicle segments.

This most recent investment commitment builds on the $950 million the company previously announced in Michigan to transform the Michigan Assembly Plant from a large SUV factory to a state-of-the-art car plant, which will build the new Focus arriving in showrooms early next year, as well as the company’s battery electric Focus and next generation hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, all planned for production at the Wayne, Mich., facility by 2012.



Ford just reported record earnings...they need to reinvest where they can or else the UAW will demand more benefits.


Record earnings from a US automaker. Maybe this recession is not as catastrophic as the newsbeez would have it.

Congratulations to Ford for supporting the re-growth of manufacturing in Michigan. Good work!


Record earnings are important for Ford to service all the debt it took on to weather the downturn.


Ford can keep this momentum going by building vehicles people will want to buy. If they start building massive numbers of lower quality vehicles, unloaded onto customers by dealers via incentives, that strategy will blow up on them in the end like the housing bubble.


Ford went into huge debt before the downturn because the 500 and Freestyle were not selling. They bet it all and then $4 gasoline hit. It was the fact the they were up to their maximum debt before the collapse that helped them make it. No brilliant management, just a lot of debt.

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