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GE Plans to Order “Tens of Thousands” of EVs

Bloomberg. In a speech in London, General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt said that the company will order “tens of thousands” of electric vehicles in about a week. Immelt did not specify a total or identify suppliers.

Immelt said half of GE’s sales force of about 45,000 will drive electric vehicles. The Fairfield, Connecticut-based company also has a vehicle-leasing division through its GE Capital finance unit. Financial terms and other details about the order aren’t yet being disclosed, GE said.

GE is investing $10 billion over the next five years in clean energy across its business lines, including power-transmission software and so-called smart-grid technologies. Its products include lithium-ion batteries for cars and trucks via a venture with A123 Systems Inc. and sodium-based batteries for use in large vehicles such as locomotives.



This is excellent news. Others will hopefully follow soon.

Postal services (in most if not all countries) should be enlisted and persuaded to get on board.


Excellent news and a smart corporate move.


Would GE buy one of these http://www.cleanmpg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35789 and does anyone know more about ' Hummingbird alpha polymer technology' batteries?


Excellent news indeed. And precisely the move needed to build word of mouth about electric efficiency. Next should be every major electric utility in the country. Starting with Consolidated Edison in NY and PGE in Cali.

These corporate giants can be enlisted to carry the message. It looks like Jeff Immelt has the exact right idea and is putting it to action.

Congratulations GE.

Henry Gibson

The sodium batteries may have the best chance to get very low cost high capacity batteries. They were tested in cars over ten years ago. GE seems to have bought the people who developed it. The Zebra Battery. ..HG..


I hope Henry Gibson is happy about this. Because his dream for the Zebra battery may well come true!


That's all the Volt production for next year then and lots of Leafs on top.



The DBM battery has done one thing: driven a long distance on a large battery. The good here is the weight of the 110kWh battery at 600lbs+. If Tesla was t.o build a 110KWh battery right now, it would likely be heavier. But the Tesla gets 220 mile AER from a 53kWh battery.

So Tesla's battery weighs more but in converting energy to miles (in the Roadster anyway) it already has beaten DBM's breakthrough.

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