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GM investing $190M at Lansing Grand River for new small Cadillac model

General Motors will invest $190 million in its Lansing Grand River assembly plant for the production of a new Cadillac model. The announcement brings the total of new US investment to more than $3.1 billion and more than 7,900 jobs that GM has created or retained in 21 US plants since emerging from bankruptcy in July 2009.

Built in 2001, Lansing Grand River is GM’s second-newest US assembly plant and the manufacturing home of the Cadillac CTS and STS as well as their V-series performance versions. Earlier this year Lansing Grand River received the J.D. Power and Associates Bronze Plant Award for initial quality.

The timing of the new Cadillac and the new jobs as well as the start of a second shift will be announced later.



Will this be one of the new Chevrolet model simply re-badged as a Cadillac? It would be consistent with GM past practices.


Somehow I am not seeing a Cadillac Cruze for $30,000.


Maybe they will bring the Voltec-equipped Converj back?

Personally, I get sick thinking about them killing the Converj in the first place...and Prius-ifying the original Volt design. Bean counters and designers too far removed from reality are some of the reasons GM got into trouble.


I agree ejj. Converj is better positioned to tap into GM's upscale buyers. These people can afford the price tag and would be interested in the "prestige" of advanced Voltec technology.

Let's bring back the Caddy Converj.


It has been dubbed the ATS on a rear drive platform that is unique to Cadillac, but will be shared on future Camaros.


ATS it is. I just hope GM pays back all their government money before the company is run into the ground again through stupid decision making.


Pay back all OUR government money, ejj..

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