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Honda to debut EV concept, plug-in hybrid platform at LA Auto Show

Honda will unveil a new electric vehicle concept on 17 November at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show. Additionally, Honda will reveal a plug-in hybrid platform showcasing the next-generation of Honda hybrid technology.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. President and CEO Takanobu Ito will attend the press conference, marking the first time Honda’s global Honda CEO has introduced a worldwide vehicle debut during the Los Angeles Auto Show press days.

Honda said that both the electric vehicle concept and the plug-in hybrid platform along with the FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle demonstrate its vision for the future of personal mobility and its continued commitment to developing advanced environmental technologies.

Details on the electric vehicle concept will be announced on 17 November.



Thanks for the detailed numeric analysis.


Waiting to see their two MG hybrid and PHV.


After losing the lead with their Insight vehicle - Honda needs desperately to catch up in the EV arena. It'll be interesting to see what they have to offer.

And of course, concepts do not often get turned into production vehicles.


Here is a record 379 AER miles from a German experimental A2 conversion. While it looks good - this is a 115kWh battery pack. Tesla's 53kWh delivers 220+AER - demonstrating superior range with less comparative energy.

Still, this is an interesting chemistry (LMP)with lighter weight and an apparent ability to charge in 6 minutes (given a jolting huge power supply.)


Reel$$: Future extended range BEVs will need 100 to 150 KWh battery packs. That will become a reality with 5 to 8+ years when energy density goes up to something between 400 Wh/Kg and 600 Wh/Kg.

The electrified A-2 demonstrated what is required.


My point is that had Tesla built a 110kWh pack they would have gotten 50+ miles MORE than this conversion and chemistry.

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