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Hydrogenics GmbH, the German operating unit of Hydrogenics, has been awarded a contract by Germany’s national research center for aeronautics and space (DLR) to supply a series of next-generation fuel cell modules for aircraft power applications.

The DLR is currently working on several projects such as the Multifunctional APU and the Antares H3, scheduled to take flight in 2011. (Earlier post.) Hydrogenics GmbH will supply several heavy-duty, high-durability HyPM HD10 fuel cell power modules with delivery scheduled early next year.

The design and final assembly of the fuel cell systems will be performed in Germany by Hydrogenics GmbH in strong cooperation with the DLR.

The next generation of our HD Series will demonstrate much higher levels of power density and compactness enabling easier integration into aircraft applications. We are pleased to once again be contributing our services in Germany, a leader in hydrogen-based energy solutions, who has been working with DLR since 2007, successfully testing our fuel cells across a wide range of applications necessary for aircraft validation.

—Daryl Wilson, Hydrogenics President and CEO



A FC durable and light enough for airplanes could become an ideal genset for PHEVs, if it can be scaled down and the price reduced enough.

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