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iDiverse develops stress-resistant yeast for producing fuel ethanol

Biotechnology company iDiverse has modified yeast to be highly resistant to a number of lethal stresses normally encountered in the bioproduction of fuel ethanol. In doing so, iDiverse has enabled the yeast to generate more ethanol.

We are very pleased with our first generation, proof-of-concept technology and are rapidly developing a second generation with yet better commercial performance characteristics. Our technology is applicable to current fuel ethanol manufacturing processes using corn and sugar cane as starting materials and also to those being developed to use cellulosic biomass. Our technology keeps cells alive in extreme conditions including those found in biomass processes.

—Richard Schneeberger, Director of Business Development at iDiverse

iDiverse’s proprietary technology includes genetic sequences which enable the resistance to stresses such as rising alcohol concentration, low pH, high temperature, bacterial contamination, and dissolved chemicals.



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