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Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is launching the new Nissan Fuga Hybrid luxury sedan in Japan; the vehicle goes on sale 2 November at Nissan dealers nationwide in Japan.

The new Fuga Hybrid adopts Nissan’s original Intelligent Dual Clutch Control one-motor two-clutch parallel hybrid system (earlier post). The new Nissan Fuga Hybrid achieves fuel economy of 19.0 km/L (44.7 mpg US, 5.3 L/100km) in Japan’s 10-15 mode—comparable to that of a compact car, while also providing the direct feel and driving performance of a luxury vehicle, according to Nissan.

The Intelligent Dual Clutch Control system connects the high-response electric motor&mash;the HM 34 motor with maximum power output of 50 kW(68 PS) and maximum torque of 270 N·m (199 lb-ft)—and the 3.5-liter VQ35HR V6 engine directly to the transmission, without the use of a traditional torque converter.

In addition, since one of the two clutches completely disconnects the motor from the engine, quiet and highly efficient EV mode driving is realized. Compared to traditional hybrid systems, the electric motor driving range is expanded for high-speed driving (up to more than 100 km/h (62 mph) on a level highway) and the EV mode is frequently applied, helping the Fuga Hybrid achieve best-in-class fuel economy.

The Fuga hybrid is equipped with a Li-ion battery pack. A new electronic 7-speed hybrid transmission with manual shift mode features optimize shift performance according to the motor’s output characteristics. This combines with the updated 3.5-liter VQ35HR engine with higher efficiency to provide smooth and sustained acceleration.

Also contributing to the Fuga Hybrid’s sport performance feel are the use of double-piston shock absorbers, and the application of both the advanced Electro-hydraulic Power Steering system and Electric Driven Intelligent Brake system.

An electric compressor operates the air conditioner when the engine is not in motion.

The new Nissan Fuga Hybrid achieves a 25% improvement in fuel economy over 2010 standards and SU-LEV certification, emitting 75% less exhaust compared to 2005 standards. This luxury sedan also qualifies for the next-generation vehicle tax break provided through Japan’s “tax system to promote the diffusion of environmentally friendly vehicles”, thereby fully exempting it from the automobile acquisition tax and automobile weight tax.

The new Nissan Fuga Hybrid is the third in the series of 'PURE DRIVE vehicles to be introduced in Japan.


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