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EU passenger car registrations drop 16.6% in October

New car registrations in the EU27 (data for Cyprus and Malta unavailable) decreased to 1,027,036 units in October, marking a 16.6% contraction compared to October 2009. Ten months into the year, demand for new cars has decreased by 5.5%, totaling 11,279,542 new vehicles registered.

In October, all major markets faced a double-digit downturn, ranging from -18.5% in France, to -20.0% in Germany, -22.2% in the UK, -28.8% in Italy and -37.6% in Spain, which recorded the steepest decrease across the EU. In comparison, October 2009 saw an 12.1% upturn in EU registrations compared to 2008, when figures were down 14.9% compared to October 2007.

From January to October, the UK (+4.8%) and Spain (+9.4%) saw their markets expand, while France (-1.4%), Italy (-7.0%) and Germany (-26.8%) performed less well than over the same period last year. The largest drop was noted in Bulgaria (-35.6%) and the biggest increase in Ireland (+53.2%).

In the US, October sales of light-duty vehicles were up 13.4% year-on-year by volume, according to figures from Autodata. For January to October, US sales are up 10.6% to 9,570,721 units.

US sales of light trucks are outpacing those of passenger cars, with October light truck sales up 23.5% to 502,038 units, compared to passenger car sales of 448,127 units, up 3.9% year-on-year.



Does this confirm that EU's economy is in difficulty and that USA's is doing better? Obama's programs may be working better than expected, specially when light trucks sales are going up again.


This is good news for USA. We will be driving more 4 x 4 gas guzzler trucks as soon as we have enough $$ for gas. The bigger than my neighbor attitude is still around and bouncing right back where we left it 2 years ago.

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