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American Chemical Society issuing new series of HD science videos for students, teachers, non-scientists

The American Chemical Society, which has 161,000 members and is the world’s largest scientific society, is issuing a new series of high-definition videos at no charge, targeted at students, teachers, and other non-scientists. The latest episode explores the work of Vincent D’Amico, Emiel van Broekhoven, and Juha Jakkula to make a key ingredient in the production of green gasoline.

The inaugural episode in the Prized Science series featured the research of Richard Zare and tackled the question of life on Mars. Among other scientists and their work featured in upcoming Prized Science episodes are:

  • Robert Miller, Ph.D., winner of the 2010 ACS Award for Chemistry of Materials, who helped develop materials that shrunk the size and boosted the power of computer chips.
  • David Walt, Ph.D., winner of the ACS Award for Creative Invention, who developed advanced “electronic nose” technology for applications that include detecting explosives and diagnosing diseases.
  • Michael Crimmins, Ph.D., winner of the Ernest Guenther Award in the Chemistry of Natural Products, whose research underpins efforts to develop treatments for a terrible form of food poisoning involving shellfish.

The videos are available at the Prized Science Web site, YouTube, iTunes and on DVD by emailing [email protected].



There are baseball cards for players that take $10 million per year, but none for scientists and engineers that create the future. Then we wonder why so few go into science and engineering as a profession.


Science and engineering aren't jobs, they're obsessions.

Henry Gibson

Sport players also were low paid until they were unionized.

All of the wealth in the world is due to the ease of getting energy from the earth. Before coal there was little wealth and that that did exist was from farming. Oil was much cheaper to get out of the ground so it became the source of wealth. Coal is again cheaper because oil was unonized. The sun has proved that nuclear power is the cheapest because all farm products all coal and all oil and all biomass comes from a a source 93 million miles away and the earth receives 1/2000,000,000 of its energy at most. Uranium and thorium from the dust of exploded suns can provide energy locally at far lower cost of collecting it than solar. Known fission fuels go away by themselves if not used, so it is a waste not to use them. If cellphones were as carefully controlled by regulation to make them as safe as is nuclear power, they would not be allowed to be used. It is unknown, the thousands of people who actually die or are injured because of the direct consequences of the use of cell phones. ..HG..

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