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Opel Ampera extended range electric vehicle starts at €42,900, including VAT

Opel has priced the 2011 Ampera, the Chevy Volt’s European cousin (earlier post), starting at €42,900 (US$58,786), including national VAT. Opel has begun taking reservations for the extended-range electric vehicle.

In Germany, with 19% VAT, the Ampera net price is €36,050 (US$49,397). Because trim levels will differ from market to market, prices in each country may differ. Customers wishing to reserve an Ampera can register at and become an ‘ePioneer’, receiving exclusive news and a chance to test drive the electric car. Sales start in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Opel says it is also researching customer preferences regarding financing and leasing schemes for the Ampera. The company will announce these options later.



The Volt was politically expedient to GM's unprecedented 'too big to fail' bailout, but GM didn't mention intending to charge roughly triple the price of their similar sized Cruise model.

Maybe they can lease only before crushing - no wait, been there done that.

Henry Gibson

An expensive design with an expensive engine. ..HG..


The first 35 Daimler automobiles sold for approximately $10,700.00 each in 1901. Or the equivalent of $329,541.00 per unit in today's dollars.


I am amazed Prius can sell with a large alternator and motor at a reasonable price. Once they look at a Prius PHEV, the battery costs will loom large and we will see what they can do.

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