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EPA raises registered blend level for Amyris renewable diesel to 35%

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has raised the registered blend level of Amyris’s renewable diesel with ultra low sulfur diesel from 20% to 35%. This blend level is the highest awarded to date by the EPA for commercial sale of a motor vehicle renewable gasoline or diesel fuel, according to Amyris.

Amyris was able to enhance its original renewable diesel registration by submitting additional fuel property data, third-party testing, engine testing conducted by major diesel engine OEMs and highway validation tests. The highway validation tests included light-duty passenger, medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. Production of the Amyris’s renewable diesel utilized in these tests was partially funded by the Department of Energy through an Integrated Bio-Refinery Program grant, which was awarded to Amyris in April 2010.

The latest third-party and OEM testing indicates that Amyris’s renewable diesel fuel, which is blended with petroleum diesel, provides a true ‘drop-in’ fuel for the diesel market.

Obtaining the highest EPA awarded blend level registration validates the high performance properties of our renewable hydrocarbon diesel. We are producing a true No Compromise fuel – a renewable diesel that eliminates the critical challenges plaguing biofuels while still enabling dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas and tail pipe emissions for vehicles, from passenger cars through heavy-duty trucks.

—John Melo, chief executive officer of Amyris

Amyris is applying industrial synthetic biology to genetically modify microorganisms to serve as living factories. Amyris designs these microorganisms to produce defined molecules for use as renewable chemicals and transportation fuels. Amyris Brasil S.A., a subsidiary of Amyris, oversees the establishment and expansion of Amyris’s production in Brazil, including SMA Indústria Química S.A., its joint venture with São Martinho. In addition, Amyris is building fuels distribution capabilities in the United States through its subsidiary, Amyris Fuels LLC.



Excellent. It would be nice to see this blend mass produced and introduced to the heavy duty transport sector. It would also be good to see this fuel sold at marinas - where and increasing amount of diesel is sold annually.

Considering the rapid growth in demand for hydrocarbons from both India and China these renewable fuels for heavy lifting are a significant part of the sustainable energy portfolio.

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