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Michigan-based Meijer installing EV charging stations at stores

California ARB holding public workshop on Advanced Clean Cars rulemaking

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) is developing a proposal for more stringent emission requirements for new passenger vehicles (LEV III), to be considered by the Board in early 2011. ARB is holding a one-day workshop to discuss ARB staff’s preliminary thoughts and sources of information upon which to base the proposed standards and test procedures on 16 November in El Monte, California.

This is the fourth technical workshop for the Advanced Clean Cars rulemaking:

  • The first, on 2 March, focused on preliminary elements of the proposed criteria pollutant emission standards and involved a presentation of technical information from several studies that are under evaluation for potential greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction.
  • The second on 3 May, focused on staff’s initial proposal for modifications to the ZEV regulation.
  • The third, on 18 May, went into more detail in several areas related to criteria pollutant emissions and greenhouse gas emissions.

Material from the previous workshops can be found here.

This fourth workshop will provide an update on proposed requirements for criteria emissions; a review of technologies that can reduce vehicle GHG emissions in the 2017-2025 timeframe; a discussion on California’s Environmental Performance label requirements; and proposed modifications to the Zero-Emission Vehicle program.


Henry Gibson

According to the CARB logic which killed the EV1, the fuel cell vehicles are now on the streets by the hundreds of thousands.

Yes! The ZEBRA battery was then available to give cars with a range of hundreds of miles as a very reduced price if they were made with automatic processes. ..HG..


Emissions of CO2 are now and have always been meaningless. CARB should be charged with regulating ONLY known, proven pollutants and particulates such as CO. We strongly urge Governor Brown to put a new team on CARB that fully understands the science of emissions and the non-science of "climate."


CARB got one of the Bush guys to promote fuel cells because they were getting too close to a real solution. It worked to jam up the ZEV efforts, which the Bush EPA would never support anyway. The batteries were sold, the cars were crushed and GM went back to producing large SUVs, then went bankrupt after $4 gasoline.
Mission Accomplished!

Emissions of CO2 are now and have always been meaningless.
A number of US states and the United States Supreme Court do not agree.

"A number of US states and the United States Supreme Court do not agree."

Sure EP. A number of U.S. States and the U.S. Supreme Court once ruled slavery legal.

What's your point??


The operative word in that is "once". I believe he has a point.


Children - let me remind you. Do not argue semantics with me - you are WAY out of your depth. People, government, judges are all wrong some of the time. If any of you can show me you are perfect - I will reconsider. Show me.


Way out of our depth...really..can you get your hat on that head?


In this tiny area of intellect - yes.


Humility is not your strong characteristic.


SJC - maybe true. But it is a small claim at best;)


Small to you perhaps, but not to others.

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