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ETV Motors signs $2M battery contract with aerospace company

ETV Motors Ltd., an Israel-based technology start-up focused on developing battery technology for electric vehicles, signed a 2-year, approx. US$2-million agreement for the development and delivery of specialty batteries for aviation applications. The customer is a global aerospace company. This marks the first substantial contract based on the company’s high-energy High5ive battery cell technology. (Earlier post.)

High5ive battery cells feature a Lithium Ion NMS (nickel manganese oxide spinel) cathode of proprietary formulation and design. Together with the electrolyte, anode and additional components, they make up the high-voltage, high-energy and high-power cells that will be the components for high-performance, large-format batteries.

ETV has previously announced its intention to manufacture High5ive cells for makers of automobiles and batteries in the electric vehicle industry.


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