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Ford names first markets for the Focus Electric

Ford Motor Company has named the first markets that will sell the Focus Electric, Ford’s all-electric passenger car: Atlanta; Austin and Houston, Texas; Boston; Chicago; Denver; Detroit; Los Angeles; San Francisco; San Diego; New York; Orlando, Fla.; Phoenix and Tucson, Ariz.; Portland, Ore.; Raleigh Durham, N.C.; Richmond, Va.; Seattle; and Washington, DC.

The Focus Electric initial markets were chosen based on several different criteria including existing hybrid purchase trends, utility company collaboration and local government commitment to electrification.

As part of the collaboration with dealers, utilities and local governments, Ford will help develop consumer outreach and education programs on electric vehicles as well as share information on charging needs and requirements to ensure the electrical grid can support customers’ needs.

Last month, Ford launched a new educational Web site on electric vehicles ( The site offers video, text and diagrams to help consumers understand differences in the technologies of electrified vehicles.

Focus Electric, available in late 2011, will be built at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich. Production will occur on the same line as the gasoline version of the Focus. Using an existing vehicle platform and assembly line will give Ford the ability to vary production based on demand for the Focus Electric.

The Focus Electric’s motor will be powered by a 23 kWh lithium-ion battery. Range is targeted to be 100 miles (161 km) on a full charge. The system utilizes a liquid heating and cooling system to maximize battery life and driving range.



When they make a list of mostly warmer climate locations, others feel left out. When you ask people in colder climates if they would buy one, they would probably say no.


There's some cold climate towns on that list. Maybe not Buffalo, but some others.


We will see how many sell in colder climates. The word is out that the range goes down in cold weather.


Ford did it again. First is avoided the bankrupcy tag and now it will make the first "AMERICAN" mass produced electric car. Too keep the price down production will be on a IC car shared Japanese-like assembly line. It should be mentioned this EV Focus was developed and rapidly prototyped way back in 2008 by the Canadian car parts manufacturer, Magna International. This proto EV Focus was presented to a surprised Ford staff as an EV tech demo to showcase Magna's car parts off the shelf technology and what can be done with the Focus configuration in particular, sans IC engine etc.
The hundred mile range capability is more than adequate for a large majority of the day to day driving of most American commuters. Now the trick is to offer this up at a price at or under 20K to make it a cannot refuse deal..


I hope it is priced below $35k after rebate.

But don't forget, it is a result of greedy capitalism and it is going up against the Government Motors Volt - Time to change the rules.

Maybe warmer climes are favored because cooling draws less power than heating.
On the other hand, aren't commuting distances shorter in the ice belt?

Did you mean
"When they make a list of mostly warmer climate locations, others feel left out. When you ask people in colder climates if they would buy one, they would probably say yes"?


Chicago, Denver and Detroit aren't exactly tropical.

If I was in the market for a commuter car, I'd consider this one. However, my diesel only has 129000 miles on it, so I don't have an excuse to get something else for at least 5 more years.


Like I say, we will see how many sell in colder climates. Winter is approaching and the Leaf will be on sale. Lets see what the numbers say come spring, shall we?


BTW, only 6 out of the 22 cities are cold weather. I don't think that is a random choice. Like I said, when you look at where they are marketing the Volt, Leaf and Focus EV, they are mostly warmer places for a good reason.


Until we see production vehicles rolling off the line - it is simply a PR stunt or vaporware. But we do congratulate Ford for following the lead of Tesla and GM and Nissan.

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