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International Battery, a US manufacturer, designer and developer of large-format Lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable cells, batteries and energy storage systems (ESS), has introduced IBexus—a 24-Volt, 4.1 kWh Li-ion energy storage system well suited for storage of solar and other renewable energy sources.

IBexus. Click to enlarge.

The first of the IBexus product family, the new eight-cell 24V ESS, is serving as an evaluation module for several different projects with rechargeable energy storage requirements, ranging from sustainable home pilot projects to micro grid load shifting applications. The first commercialized stock keeping unit (SKU) of the IBexus—he IB 24V 008 ESS—is a 4.1 kilowatt hour system that contains eight 160Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate cells wired in series. The battery system comes standard with contactor, current shunt and thermal management controls.

For easy communication, the system includes RS232, RS485, CANbus, Modbus or Ethernet communications, a PC graphical user interface (GUI) and data log functionality for communication with International Battery’s technical support resources. A battery management system (BMS) maximizes cell performance, enhances safety and monitors/balances individual cells. A standard set of output parameters is included for quick delivery, although customized features and output can also be programmed. Other members of the IBexus product family will include 60 Ah cell capacity and 48V options.

The IBexus battery system is currently being evaluated by Drexel University’s Department of Electric & Computer Engineering’s Center for Electrical Power Engineering (CEPOE) in Philadelphia. Students are analyzing demand response by evaluating a scaled-down model of a residential grid-tied 1.5 kW solar array and smart inverter that will compare real-time electric rates and regulate usage based on lowest market rates.

WINDFREE, a provider of sustainable and renewable energy systems in Chicago, is also currently evaluating the new IBexus system for a variety of alternative applications.



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