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Fiat to relaunch Mirafiori plant to produce new C- and D-segment passenger cars and SUVs for Jeep and Alfa

Fiat plans to relaunch its plant at Mirafiori, Italy, through the establishment of a joint venture between Chrysler and Fiat to bring a new platform to Turin from the United States for production of larger segment passenger cars and SUVs for the Jeep and Alfa Romeo brands. More than €1 billion (US$1.3 billion) in investment is planned, to be split between Fiat and Chrysler in proportion to volumes produced for each brand.

This platform was originally designed as the base for the Giulietta and further developed at Chrysler. This universal platform is to be shared by the two Groups and will be used for development of all future C & D segment passenger cars and SUVs.

Models produced by the new company at Mirafiori will also be exported outside the European Union. More than half of production will be for international markets, particularly North America.

These will be flagship models for Jeep and Alfa Romeo, the most international brands of the two Groups with significant development potential globally, said Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne.

Marchionne said he intended to initiate the project immediately, as rapid implementation would enable the plant to be reconfigured in time for the launch of the future Jeep and Alfa Romeo models, planned for the Q3/Q4 2012.



Interesting to see what those two can come out with in the next 24 months or so. Competition, specially with future electrified vehicles, will be fierce. Niche markets, such as Jeeps and Caravans, have good potential if they are improved with more frugal engines and progressive electrification.


What HarveyD said.

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