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Neste Oil has received an ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) certificate for the NExBTL renewable diesel produced at the company’s Porvoo refinery in Finland. The certificate confirms that NExBTL diesel produced from certified raw materials is suitable for use in meeting mandated bio-content on the German market.

Beginning in 2011, all biofuels sold in Germany will be required to have sustainability certification. The ISCC system is the first standard for sustainability based on the EU’s new renewable energy directive, and is approved by the German Federal Office of Agriculture and Food (BLE).

Europe is the main market for NExBTL and the ISCC certificate confirms that it complies with the sustainability requirements of the EU's renewable energy directive.

—Jarmo Honkamaa, Neste Oil’s Deputy CEO and Executive Vice President, Renewable Fuels

The method used for calculating the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions associated with NExBTL renewable diesel was also verified as part of the certification process. Produced from all the suitable raw materials used at the moment, the fuel has more than 50% lower greenhouse gas emissions than fossil diesel. This figure covers the product’s entire life cycle, from raw material production to end-product usage.

An audit of Neste Oil’s major palm oil supplier is currently under way. In the future, Neste Oil’s other NExBTL production plants will also be audited in accordance with the ISCC standard.


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