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NASA and Univ. of Colorado form collaborative Sun-Climate Research Center

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and The University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) have formed a new collaborative research center dedicated to the study of the Sun’s effect on Earth’s climate. The center, called the Sun-Climate Research Center (SCRC), will be directed by Robert Cahalan, Head of Goddard’s Climate and Radiation Branch, Douglas Rabin, Head of Goddard’s Solar Physics Laboratory, and Peter Pilewskie, a LASP research scientist and CU professor.

The exciting thing about this collaboration is that we believe it will promote studies to help answer a key question about the climate system: how does Earth’s atmosphere respond to the sun’s variability, and how does that affect climate? This question is particularly important now, as we seek to quantify the human-induced impact on Earth’s climate.

—Peter Pilewskie

The SCRC, which has been made possible by a NASA Space Act Agreement, will foster collaboration between Earth-atmosphere and solar sciences at the two institutions. Opportunities will include a scientist exchange program between the organizations, the ability for post-doctoral scientists and graduate students in science, engineering, and mission operations to move between LASP and Goddard, annual international Sun-Climate research symposia, and the ability for the two institutions to collaborate more fluidly on future research opportunities.


The Goracle


" the study of the Sun’s effect on Earth’s climate.

Whoa, whoa, WHOA!!!! We are told (hysterically shrieked at, actually) that it is "settled science" that the Sun has NOTHING to do with Earth's constantly changing climate. The results are already written in stone. These people can not possibly come up with a different hypothesis because the science is settled. Exhaling (CO2), driving SUVs, and sheep/cattle off-gassing, causes the Earth to warm and/or cool. Come up with the correct answer of halt all funding now. What a waste of money.




The Sun rotates about the Earth and does little more than warm the humans who continuously change the climate with flatulence.

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