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Capacity of Texas, the developer of the series hybrid Pluggable Hybrid Electric Terminal Tractor (PHETT) (earlier post), has been awarded an $872,000 Grant to develop a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Terminal Truck—the ZETT, or Zero Emission Terminal Truck—based on the PHETT platform.

The PHETT incorporates a 225 hp (168 kW) 3-phase AC traction motor that develops 1,376 lb-ft (1,865 N·m) of torque and 220V single-phase 40 amp on-board grid-charging system.

The project is supported by the State of Texas through a Grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

The ZETT will be the only zero emission terminal truck that will meet the demanding environment and duty cycle of a terminal truck and have zero emissions. Depending on the requirements, the ZETT can operate up to two shifts before refueling.

—Phillip Ford, President of Capacity of Texas

Capacity of Texas has been serving the terminal tractor industry for more than 39 years under the Trailer Jockey brand. Located in Longview, Texas, Capacity is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allied Specialty Vehicles, Inc, (ASV) and is the largest American owned manufacturer of terminal tractors in North America, offering a full product line of terminal trucks used throughout the world.


Henry Gibson

ZEBRA technology batteries would be cheaper and more efficient of electrical energy than fuel cells for this application. ..HG..

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