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Shenzhen targeting 35,000 EVs on road in 3 years

China Daily. Shenzhen, China is planning to have 35,000 electric vehicles on the road within 3 years, said vice-mayor Tang Jie at the C40 Hong Kong Workshop.

The city is trying to become more low-carbon through expanding public transportation, constructing environment-friendly buildings, lowering investments in energy-consuming sectors, and encouraging residents to live and consume in a low-carbon way, Tang said.

Shenzhen aims to build an electric car base at the national level during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) period, Tang said earlier this month. It is now building recharging stations across the city, laying fundamental infrastructure for electric vehicles, Tang said at the conference.



If the other 100 similar cities would do the same, that could mean 3 1/2 million new city EVs within 3 years? Not a bad start.

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