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Altairnano selected by El Salvador utility to provide 10 MW Li-ion ALTI-ESS for frequency control

Inversiones Energéticas, S.A. de C.V., one of El Salvador’s largest electric utilities, has selected Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. to provide a turn-key 10 Megawatt ALTI-ESS advanced battery system for frequency control.

Altairnano has received a formal letter confirming that INE’s Board of Directors has approved the proposed purchase of the 10 Megawatt ALTI-ESS system and authorized its management to move forward with negotiation of a definitive contract. Final contract terms are expected to be completed prior to year-end with construction of the system anticipated to begin in the first half of 2011.

Under the proposed agreement, Altairnano will have responsibility for site preparation, system installation, training, final testing and commissioning of the total solution. The system will be located at INE’s Talnique power station site.

The ALTI-ESS system, by providing frequency control for the grid, enables INE to better utilize its electricity generation facilities, while improving the overall electric grid reliability.

(A hat-tip to Richard!)



Interesting. Alti might want to get paid in advance...


More than interesting, when one considers that this is something that AC Propulsion proposed as a V2G profit center years ago.

More to the point, why didn't it happen first in the USA? Could it be... rent-seeking has beaten market efficiency?


We might say that it is bad timing. We could have made great advances the last 30 years, but did not. Now we are too broke to advance much at all.

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