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US petroleum demand up 6.5% in November

Total US petroleum deliveries (a measure of demand) increased 6.5% in November compared with November 2009, evidence the nation’s consumer and industrial sectors are recovering, according to the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) Monthly Statistical Report. The step-up in fuel demand represented the largest year-to-year increase for any month in 2010.

Gasoline deliveries rose 3.2% this November from a year ago while distillate fuel deliveries jumped 13.5%; ultra-low sulfur distillate deliveries were up 13.2%. Jet fuel deliveries experienced a robust 16.7 percent increase.

Domestic crude oil production stood at 5.44 million barrels per day in November, up slightly from last year, down 1.3% from October, but the highest total for any November since 2003. Rig counts rose to their higher level for the year at 1,683, according to Baker Hughes, Inc.

November’s 10.9 million barrels a day of crude oil and product imports were lower than November a year ago by 1.1%, driven by double digit declines in product imports. Crude oil imports were 5% higher than a year ago, averaging 9.1 million barrels a day. While the highest total for any November since 1987, domestic crude oil inventories were lower than last month. November gasoline stocks were down 3% and distillate stocks were 3.8% lower compared with October.

Refinery utilization reached 83.2% of capacity in November, higher than this past October and November 2009. The rate was 15 percentage points above the average utilization for all US manufacturing (in October 2010), according to Federal Reserve Board data.



I wonder how much demand has increased in Brazil, Russia, India and China? Of course we can't talk about them...we have to bash the great satan - Amerikkka!


5.44 million barrels per day produced compared with more than 10 million barrels per day in 1970. That tells the story, we use more, produce less and import more oil today. We have had decades to make this a better picture, but have not. Some imply that we will just go to war for oil, which is insanely foolish.


ejj, I don't have the numbers at hand, but I would'nt be surprised if a 6,5% change of individual consumption in the US means a bigger absolute amount than a 100% change in India..., and maybe a 30% in China

guilty feelings much?


It would be insanely foolish to go to war a sole, third and/or fourth time for oil but, under disguise, USA's lobbies will probably do it again in order to try to extend oil addiction a few more decades.

By the way USA burns 20 out of the 86 M/barrel a day. Taht is by far the highest per capita oil addiction.

We flew over the Eastern states (2500+ Km) on clear cloudless conditions last evening and all we could see was a thick (up to 20/30,000 ft) semi-transparent pollution cover from coal fired power plants. It looked like winter time sand storms. Not very pretty to see.


It would be good if the U.S. had a REAL energy policy that lasted more than a few years. We go back and forth between the two parties playing political games but seem to do nothing good nor long lasting for the country.


SJC...that is one of the problem with our political model. It is basically a short term system, opened to lobbies' influences, to get friendly politicians re-elected every 2 years or so.

To get longer term policies we would need to elect politicians for longer terms (6 years or so) and NOT tied to $$$ from you know who. Why not have the public pay 100% of the election cost, up to or limited to $10 per legal potential voter or so. Make all private and other contributions illegal.

Could we elect 1/3 of the politicians with elections in 1/3 of the States every 2 years to add more amusement into the game? May be.


Public Money for Public Office would be the best $5 per year the tax payer ever spent. It would make the politicians accountable to the people that put them there and not the special interests that made big contributions to their campaigns.

The money power people would never let this happen. The purpose of power is to maintain power and that is what they intend to do. Money gets power to get more money to get more power and so it goes.

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