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Cutaway display of the new hybrid system. Click to enlarge.

Hino Motors has developed and will field test in japan a new hybrid system for light-duty trucks. Hino is the Toyota Group company focused on medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses. It also produces Toyota-badged vehicles on commission, including the Land Cruiser Prado SUV; the FJ Cruiser; Dyna trucks; and Toyoace commercial vehicles.

The hybrid system, which features a clutch between its engine and motor, offers an all-electric drive mode for the truck. Internal Hino testing showed an improvement in fuel efficiency of a diesel truck by about 50%. Hino will assess the real world reductions in fuel consumption and optimize the system prior to planned commercialization in 2011.

Participants in the field test include Ito En Ltd; Sagawa Express Co Ltd; Seino Transportation Co Ltd; Sohgo Security Services Co Ltd; Yamato Transport Co Ltd; and Japan Post Service Co Ltd.

The new hybrid system features an improved control system and more efficient power electronics. The volume and weight of the main components are reduced. The system uses a NiMH battery pack.

Hino also optimized the engine with improved thermal efficiency, and developed a new dedicated transmission with improved transmission efficiency.



This is a good concept, you can use the engine for direct power also. It was a design I thought of years ago. You use electric/genset around town and if you need both for highway towing you have it. I would put a huge alternator on the motor to charge the batteries like an EREV.

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