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US-based Ioxus, Inc., a manufacturer of ultracapacitors for transportation, alternative energy, medical, industrial and consumer product markets (earlier post), is expanding its sales efforts in China and the Asia Pacific region.

Through its recently formed Ioxus Distributor Network, the company is providing technical and marketing support to distributors such as Secotec Ltd, Sinotek, Beijing Favor and Asiacom Technology in China and Lucky Presage and Can-Think in Taiwan. These distributors are meeting the demand for smaller, higher capacity and greater power density ultracapacitors in the Far East and Southeast Asia.

The expansion of the Ioxus Distributor Network in Asia is in direct response to expanding interest in the region in ultracapacitors and hybrid capacitors, specifically in the wind turbine and hybrid bus markets. Wind turbine manufacturers are choosing ultracapacitors over batteries due to higher cycle life, wider temperature range tolerance and lower total cost of ownership, Ioxus says. For urban transit vehicles, ultracapacitors manage stop-and-go driving, lowering the levels of toxic emissions and conserving energy during deceleration, acceleration and regenerative braking. Both applications are fueling the call for additional Ioxus distributors in the region, according to the company.

Ioxus’ sales support and training program have helped us identify more than 20 potential prospects in less than a month, including wind turbine and electric bus applications in China and a redundant power application in Taiwan.

—Sam Wong, vice president of sales of Secotec Ltd.


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