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Report: Fuji Heavy Industries may suspend production of Stella EV with end of minivehicle production

Kyodo News reports that Fuji Heavy Industries may suspend production of its electric minivehicle, the Stella EV (earlier post). While details including the timing of the suspension have not been decided, the maker of Subaru brand cars may suspend production of the EV when it stops manufacturing the Stella minivehicle, according to unidentified sources.

Fuji Heavy plans to withdraw completely from minivehicle production sometime around 2012. Fuji Heavy began selling the plug-in Stella electric vehicle to corporate customers and local governments in July 2009 with a sales target of 400 units by the end of March 2011.

Fuji Heavy is seeking to launch a plug-in gasoline electric hybrid vehicle, which can be recharged using a household electrical outlet, in the mid-2010s. The automaker is seeking support from its top shareholder, Toyota Motor Corp.



"Fuji Heavy began selling the Stella minivehicle in July 2009 with a sales TARGET of 400 units by the end of March 2011." ? 400?

And they had such high hopes.


If they partnered with other companies they might make it.


It is a shame as Subaru have been innovators with a penchant for small vehicles in the past.
As a large global player, they really are letting the customers down and living off fat (and lazy)


Subaru has a loyal customer base, but that does not make for expansion. It may be a smart move for them not to spend resources here at this time. Toyota has more than 16% investment in them and they have to preserve their capital.


Good move by Fuji Heavy Industries.

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