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Chevrolet names its new US-built small car Sonic for North America

Chevrolet announced that its all-new, US built small car will be called the Chevrolet Sonic in North America. The vehicle will continue to be called Aveo in other parts of the world, where it will be sold in more than 50 countries.

The small car will carry the Sonic name in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Production of the Sonic begins in 2011 at GM’s Orion Assembly Center in Michigan, which received a $545-million investment in upgrades and retooling, and will help restore approximately 1,000 jobs in the metropolitan Detroit area.

The Sonic represents a new beginning for Chevrolet in the small car segment and so we felt it was time to give it a new name.

—Chris Perry, vice president, Chevrolet US Marketing



Cue Nintendo-inspired paint scheme with trademark spiked hair-do in 3, 2, 1....


. . all-new, US built small car . .
The vehicle will continue to be called Aveo in other parts . .
New, or not new ?

I think they should give it NO name at all.
- the buyer can name it upon purchase
- - that should keep everyone happy (everyone who cares).


I agree TT ... very suspicious. It's NOT all-new - they are simply using the same angling, posturing & spinning (a.k.a. outright lying) they've done for years with other terms like "American Made" when 80% of parts come from foreign countries.


It is typical marketing to give an old product a new name. We will see if the renamed car will sell well in coming years, my guess is that it will not.


". . all-new, US built small car . .
The vehicle will continue to be called Aveo in other parts . .
New, or not new ?"

"All-new" means that it has a new platform or chassis with all new under body stampings in addition to new body panels. Variations of this car with different names using the new platform may be made in 4, 5 or 6 continents.

I do not know what engine is going in the car but it will be either a variation of the GM Family 0 or GM Family 1 engine -- probably a newer version of the Family 0 engine which has (unlike Toyota, Honda, Subaru, etc) a chain cam drive instead of a toothed belt drive. Variations of that engine are being made in Flint Michigan for the Cruze and the Volt . I am sure that the transmissions will also be either existing transmissions or variations of existing transmissions.

For ejj: When counting foreign content, do not include Mexican or Canadian content as there are special tariff agreements with our neighbors that excludes any tariffs if the dollar value flowing both ways is balanced. This allows the smaller Mexican and Canadian markets to have a full vehicle lineup without having to manufacture all of the vehicles in one country.

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