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Valeo and BAIC unveil electric demo car to Beijing Governor

Valeo and BAIC (Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation) presented to the Beijing Governor an electric demo car equipped with a complete Valeo electric powertrain system. Equipped with a synchronous permanent magnet motor with a large operating speed range, Valeo’s electric powertrain is able to deliver both good acceleration at low and medium speeds and a high top vehicle speed all with a single gear transmission.

Developed by Valeo and its partners Leroy Somer and GKN, this system includes an electric motor, an inverter, a transmission, a charger, a supervisor and a DC/DC converter.

The partnership between Valeo and BAIC started in early 2010 with the intent to bring an electric vehicle to series production in 2011. This demo car is the first concrete achievement of this partnership.



This seems to be a very quick acting partnership. GM would nave taken 5 to 7 years to do that.


GM created and junked an EV 10 years ago; the Chinese have just done the same this year (albiet 2 EVs, not just 1).

We have a 10 year lead on non-viable EVs.

The USA is still #1.


For how long?


Something occurred to me about the PNGV program. This is off topic, but the goal was 80 mpg. Maybe if they had made that goal 60 mpg, they might have gotten more producible prototypes. If you set a goal too far out, you resort to exotic methods that may not be practical.


Did it look like a Saab?


PNGV could have switched to turbocharged GDI engines with minimal impact. We have these engines today, but the Exxon-Mobil party... excuse me, Republican party killed the cars they should be going into.

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