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Vision Motor delivering two Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell hybrid trucks to Ports of LA and Long Beach

Under an agreement struck earlier this year (earlier post) Vision Motor Corp. will deliver one big-rig truck and one terminal tractor for testing for 18 months to the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, with an anticipated start in early 2011.

Both vehicles are electric trucks, with batteries recharged by hydrogen fuel cells. The trucks will be tested under typical conditions for these short-haul vehicles. Each port has agreed to provide $212,500 from their Technology Advancement Program funds toward the cost of the $1 million project.

The on-road heavy-duty truck will be operated by Total Transportation Services Inc., a local trucking firm that serves both ports. The yard tractor will be operated on the property of California Cartage Express, another local trucking firm.

Vision Motor Corp designs and manufactures advanced zero emission, hydrogen fuel cell hybrid electric drive, Class 8 heavy-duty commercial trucks.



Another pilot project that will prove that it is possible to build a PHEV heavy truck with an FC as genset. NYC used similar city buses almost 10 years ago. How many times do we have to repeat the exercise?


Actualy its more about finding out how current models of the parts work now and how close to real the tech realy is. Fuel cells have progressed massively in the last 10 years so all the old data is useless.


Apparently not massively enough that the Goldless State can resist pouring more money into yet another million dollar trial where one vehicle simulates operations of a fleet so we learn if hydrogen fuel cells can power a vehicle (everyone knows they can) , but little about whether they can do so economically.

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