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Airbiquity to provide connected vehicle services for Ford electric vehicles

Ford has selected Airbiquity to serve as systems integrator, providing connected vehicle services and infrastructure to its electrified vehicle (EV) programs.

Earlier, Airbiquity Inc. and Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. announced the first commercial implementation of the companies’ connected services platform for Electric Vehicles (EVs), as available in the Nissan LEAF.

In April 2010, Airbiquity formed a strategic partnership with Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. to provide telematics services for electric vehicles (EVs) globally. In November 2010, Airbiquity had announced today that its Green Vehicle solution would be generally available in Europe in January 2011. The company is the first to implement vehicle-to-network solutions exclusively aimed at the Electric Vehicle market on a global basis.

Airbiquity’s EV services include a wide array of solutions including:

  • Eco-routing
  • Emission Reporting
  • Charging Stations Locations and Reservation Information
  • Energy Consumption
  • Battery Performance

From a deployment standpoint, Airbiquity’s Green Vehicle solutions integrate with the automaker’s back office, offering a scalable and flexible platform.



Airbiquity...they could have picked a better name instead of trying to be cute.

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