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Company that biochemically converts coal to methane raises Series B funding

Ciris Energy, Inc., an emerging natural gas production company which uses proprietary technology to convert both underground and mined low-rank coal to pipeline-quality methane biochemically at large scale and low cost, has raised equity in its second round of financing, led by new investor Khosla Ventures.

Existing investors Braemar Energy Ventures, Rho Ventures, and GE Energy Financial Services, a unit of GE, also participated in the funding. Financial details were not disclosed.

Lab and field test results cited by the company indicated that its technologies are more economical than conventional and unconventional natural gas development and thermochemical gasification processes. The financing will allow Ciris to implement its first commercial-scale projects for in-situ biochemical conversion of coal to methane, and bring its ex-situ biochemical coal conversion technology to commercial-ready status.



Interesting. Methane produced In-Situ from low grade coal could feed (by pipeline) converted coal fired power plants. It may be a way to reduce transportation cost and total pollution per Kwh produced, if it can be done cheaply enough.


I have to wonder about this when natural gas is around 50 cents a therm wholesale. It is low grade coal, so that makes a difference. I would go for synthetic fuels, make more money and get us off OPEC oil imports.


Existing gas infrastructure would work with blends of bio or synthetic methane


Another reason not to think that limits to mineable coal will prevent it from being extracted in other ways.

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